Admission to St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School shall be determined by the following criteria, in the following order:

  1. Any student presently enrolled in St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School whether they are registered active St. Bernadette Parishioner *, registered Non-active St. Bernadette Parishioner, or Catholic Non-Parishioner, or Non-Catholic, shall have first preference to admission.
  2. Children of St. Bernadette School faculty and St. Bernadette Church or school staff.
  3. **Siblings of presently enrolled students in this order: 
    1. registered active Catholic Parishioner of St. Bernadette Parish (In the event of limited space, active parishioners will be required to list all ministries of St. Bernadette Parish in which they are actively involved.  The ministries listed will be verified by the pastor and principal.  Priority will be given to the most  active St. Bernadette parishioners.)
    2. registered Non-Active St. Bernadette Parishioner
    3. Catholic Non-Parishioner
    4. Non-Catholic
  4. Grandchildren of St.Bernadette School faculty and St. Bernadette Church or school staff.
  5. A sibling of registered and active St. Bernadette Parishioners with children previously enrolled that have completed St. Bernadette School and in good standing with the school and parish.
  6. Children of alumni who are registered active St. Bernadette Parishioners for 1 year prior to registration.
  7. Children of registered and active St. Bernadette  Parishioners (for 1 year prior to registration) in good standing with the School.
  8. Siblings of registered and Non-Active St. Bernadette Parishioners and Catholic Non-Parishioners with children previously enrolled and in good standing  with the school.
  9. Children of registered and Non-Active St. Bernadette parishioners and Catholic Non-Parishioners.  In this order:
    1. Active:        Catholics from parishes without schools
    2. Active:        Catholics from parishes with schools
    3. Non-Active: St. Bernadette Parishioners
    4. Non-Active: Catholics from parishes without schools
    5. Non-Active:        Catholics from parishes with schools
  10. All others.


All of the above are determined by openings available.

Registration will be conducted during an annual two-week period announced by the school administration.

*A registered active Catholic Parishioner of St. Bernadette is one who is registered in the parish for one year prior to registration, active in the parish Sunday celebrations and contributes to the support of the church through the envelope system on a regular basis.

                                                                                                                        Revised 1/27/14